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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why every contractor needs publicity

Adams Hudson, in his Sales & Marketing Insider, posts this note which touches close to this blog's heart (and our business's core service.)

Why do you need publicity? Here are real-world reasons that everyone should understand.
Publicity makes you an expert. There are a variety of ways to become an expert. One way is just to say, "I'm an expert." But who cares if no one KNOWS that you're an expert. There's a better way that doesn't smack of puffing out your chest. Get the media to quote you in a story about water heaters or appear in a television segment about how to reduce heating costs and suddenly you're an expert. I like the word "anoint" because that is what the media is doing to your reputation.

If you make no effort with publicity, there's a strong chance that potential customers will NOT have an opinion about your business because they won't even know you exist. You need publicity so that when a customer is in a buying mood, they think of your company because they've seen or heard about it in the media. If you get on enough short lists of potential customers, you WILL close some of those deals. And make more money.

Publicity reminds your EXISTING customers that hiring you was a good idea. We all brag about people we do business with when that person is well-respected or well-known. It's the "Sure, Joe is a great accountant. He's my accountant, too, and has been for more than 10 years." No matter how good you are, you need to remind your customers that THEY made the right choice in hiring you. What better way (without blowing your own horn) than for them to see you mentioned in the media? It reaffirms to them that they really DO have an expert attending to their needs.
How can you obtain positive publicity for your business? You can of course reference my free Art and Science of Publicity e-book (see the sidebar) for more ideas, or communicate with me personally by email at (If you wish, you can also email and the autoresponder will send you a copy of the e-book.)

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