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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Construction Marketing Ideas group

The Construction Marketing Ideas group related to this blog (and the new version on Wordpress at continues to grow rapidly. In addition to about 15 people I invited who accepted, the group received 12 inbound inquiries yesterday, and membership now is 202.

The reason for this rapid growth can be explained on two levels: Ease, and value.

Ease is that you really don't have to do much to join. Just click on your interest in participating through the relevant profile (if you aren't yet in you will of course need to join and provide some additional information, but there is no charge and is quite good about managing spam.) Then your application is forwarded for review, and if you qualify, you'll be accepted.

Value: You probably won't win a $5 million contract just by joining the group, but by being a member you have access to the profiles of all the other members, and someone among that group may have a connection or know the right people at the organization you are trying to build the relationship with to win the contract.

While you join this group, you may also wish to join the Design and Construction Network. The network has its own website at We publish The Design and Construction Report for the Network.

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