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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mike Jeffries' eight low or no-cost lead generation ideas

Mike Jeffries offers at a weekly service (via autoresponder) to provide "eight different low or NO cost ways to generate 25, 50 or even 100 Quality leads."

Here is a summary of his eight suggestions. I've cut some portions of the content of this week's email in part to respect his copyright, and in part because if you want any of these approaches to work you will need to do just a little more work than read a single blog posting.

Endorsements - "Find a business owner or influential homeowner and get them to endorse you to everyone they know - see an example in the download - this could mean 250 or more opportunities."


(Offer) Additional Services or Products

Past Customers - "Probably the biggest opportunity that people don't tap - reactivate, reconnect - tell about new services or products or projects ask for referrals if they don't have any needs now."

Other Similar Groups/Markets

Joint Ventures


Past successful tactics - "Do what brought you clients before."

"If you implemented all, or some, of these tactics, you've seen an increase in your business," Jeffries writes. "If not, now is the time to review each week and start generating more lead flow - which is the life blood of your business success."

Mike can be reached toll Free at (866) 926-5100. and his website is at Maybe we should have a conversation about joint ventures and/or co-marketing. As it is, this referral is free because the suggestions are indeed wise.

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Alexander said...

a good post and good points. I will be implementing them.