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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The newsletter

If you have requested it, the final Construction Marketing Ideas newsletter for 2009 should arrive in your email box this morning. Over the year, readership has continued to increase and now almost 3,000 people receive the bi-weekly newsletter.

Next year, I expect the newsletter will have more impact as I've just discovered how to effectively embed video in the emails. As well, the Construction Marketing Ideas group is growing rapidly (approximately 20 new members joined yesterday), increasing the networking and relationship-building value of the newsletter, blogs and other social media resources.

Next week, meanwhile, as our business takes its Christmas break, I'll spend some time on the new Construction Marketing Ideas blog site, fixing the links, background resources, and setting the stage for the Wordpress site to be our primary blog. Again, however, if you think this blog will simply disappear, it won't, though I expect in a few months posting frequency will decrease.

Right now, I'm continuing to post totally different content on the new blog, so if you want "more", feel free to visit the new site, and book-mark it or reference it for future reading.

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