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Sunday, December 27, 2009

The move to Wordpress

Quietly, for the past few days I've been working on the transition of this blog to the new site on my own Wordpress-framework host.

Although not intended to be really public yet, I set the code and voting mechanism in place for the Best Construction Blog competition and the votes started arriving, along with comments from some nominated bloggers to correct errors in their listings, or ask why they weren't included. As I fixed various bugs, more votes continued to arrive, suggesting some viral marketing is happening. (People are telling their friends and colleagues about the site and voting, and these guests are arriving, registering and voting.

I still have quite of bit of work to do before the new site is fully ready -- there are glitches in the background pages, the references, and some of the data, but overall it is exciting to see the amount of interest the blogsite has attracted.

You can help out by bookmarking the new site or including it on your blogrolls (but don't delete this one just yet). Unlike the site referenced in the previous posting, I'm going to be up-front and 100 per cent visible about my Search Engine Optimization -- of course both sites will continue to have truly original content.

P.S. The resources at are truly impressive, and free, and will provide you with a wealth of data.

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