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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Getting it wrong (and right) in construction marketing and business

Tonight, I'm feeling like someone who has gotten it wrong.  Lots of little things are not adding up; glitches, errors, failures to communicate, risking (then dashed) expectations, missteps, blunders, sloppiness and frustration . . .

Wait this sounds like a missive of someone who doesn't have control of the situation.  Not good.

Well, of course, business can be "like that".  After all, every day, we need to juggle all sorts of internal priorities even as the world changes around us.  And, in life, always, some days are much better than others.

Two approaches shape my decisions in these circumstances.  First, I appreciate that things change and generally revert to a balance.  So if things are rough, they will probably get easier, sooner or later.

Second, I appreciate that I need to take responsibility for every thing I do.  If there are glitches, errors, and blunders, it doesn't do me any good to "blame" anyone else, even if I might not have directly caused the problem.

Tomorrow will be better.

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