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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Change order boat (more)

The number of inquiries regarding the mysterious Change Order/Original Contract boat/dinghy photo is increasing day by day. Today, for example, so far, this site has received another 10 Google keyword visits related to this image. And the day isn't finished. (I can also track 26 page views).

I wish I had more information on this site, but you can help me in the tracking exercise by sending an email or comment to me telling me where you discovered the picture. I won't post names or contact information without consent (for example, if you give me permission to publish your identity I will, but I won't publish your source's identity without permission from the other party.) This blog allows anonymous comments though of course they are reviewed before publication. You can email me at

Hopefully, I'll be able to trace this back to source -- it certainly is an interesting detective challenge.

Note: See this posting from March 24, 2009, where the original photographer reports he took the image while in Vermillion, Ohio in late July 2007. Also you may wish to refer to this posting from April 1, 2009, where I resolve the issue as much as possible (including my discovery of a second "Change Order" boat).

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