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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Micahel Gerber's free resources

You'll need to register for this information, but you may find it useful.
Be aware, however, that the full services are expensive and while business process systematization makes a lot of sense, you may wonder how much systematization (rather than custom adaptation to your needs) you want with consulting services.
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Sonny Lykos said...

I became aware of Michael Gerber around 1998. At the time I had about a dozen employees. I bought his single VHS tape, followed buy his series of seven tapes, then his audio cassettes and books. the first VHS tape was a real opener and impressed me enough to buy the rest of his media.

One of Mr. Gerber’s contentions is that by putting your systems on paper, sort of like a comprehensive operating manual, those systems about how everything in done in your company eliminates discretion by employees. But it also allows average people to do extraordinary things and flourish individually as well.

I immediately became a fan of his contention that “systems” were the only way to run a business - any business in any industry. However, in our industry, his concept will not have any value nor recognized as valuable if the owner still thinks with a tradesmen mentality. Only those who acknowledge that they are business owners first, will be able to grasp the concept of systems being the foundation of any business if it want’s to succeed and flourish.

I immediately created, implemented, and monitored all of our pertinent systems. I did so on paper and introduced them at monthly company wide meetings. At the first meeting I had the staff watch Mr. Gerber's initial VHS tape, and we discussed it’s contents afterwards. The results of that day resulted in increases sales and increased net profits, an improved sense of camaraderie within the company, increased efficiency and effectiveness of everyone.

I had since loaned the set of seven tapes and never got them back (forgot to whom I loaned them), but last week I found his set of 11 sessions on 7 CDs and bought them. They are priceless, so at about $80 I consider it to be a deal.

I strongly suggest that everyone read his original book “The E-Myth Revisited”, and “The E-Myth Contractor.” Simply put, the man is brilliant!