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Sunday, October 21, 2007

The renovators' website

Further to my last posting, here is another suggestion from Michael Stone's newsletter on how to promote your business. He quotes a note from Mark Ashton of Ashton Renovations in Toronto and Richmond Hill, Ontario. At $2.00 per lead, he clearly is doing something right.

Regarding our leads, we obtain 100 percent of them by way of the Internet. reaches our prospects through Google and by us advertising on a construction portal We do not advertise in Yellow Pages, telemarketing, door-to-door, print in magazines, or newspapers. They are much too expensive per lead. And by the way, when prospects see a nice ad regarding services they need, what do our prospects look for: a web address for more information. Our advertising budget is $100 per month plus cost of site. We pay on average $2 per lead, some for jobs $100,000 to $150,000.
Our site, which is a year old, is now being updated to reflect newer technologies. Our project gallery page will have over 1,000 photos. It will also have video testimonials and a blog.
Advice regarding site:
1. Copy-writing is important and done ONLY by someone who can write;
2. Fill site with valuable info i.e products used, detail of services, process, extremely detailed info regarding your management and crew;
3. Photos during and after, with info about products and installation methods;
4. Crisp clean design. If your site looks bad, what does that say about your work?
5. Logo should have .com beside it;
6. Form page to fill out leads short and sweet;
7. Site may post Free Estimate depending on your market, which gets the lead. But never give free estimates! Explain only for simple small jobs, and given over phone.

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