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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Reid and Deleye: A truly successful 'small market' construction company

The feature about Reid and Deleye Contractors Ltd. published in the October issue of Ontario Construction Report shows how a truly successful smaller market/rural contractor thrives. (It is also a great example of our own company's work since Reid and Deleye paid not a cent for this eight page promotional article and all the advertisers are receiving extra value for their money.)

Impressively, there are things you cannot see here. For example, I noticed how Greg Eyre, in working with me on the article, covered the essential ground in a truly 'no time wasted' interview at his Courtland offices in southwestern Ontario -- and reviewed changes and proofs at a speed that I've rarely seen in the past. His staff were equally quick in responding to our requests to facilitate the feature. (I believe if you were a client or sub trade working with Reid and Deleye you would receive exactly the same attention and responsiveness.)

I really respected Reid and Deleye's ability to combine its ability to generalize yet enter into specialized market areas, using its successful client and supplier relationships to bridge the gap in the early going, when its staff are learning the new specialized skills (soon, of course, they are able to adapt knowledge from other areas of expertise to the specialized task at hand).

My perception is Reid and Deleye is a truly valid role model for this business -- and a great resource for residents within the company's southwestern Ontario service area.

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