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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fun money

It helps to enjoy your work -- a lot. I enjoy journalism, writing and publishing. This certainly proved helpful in the over the past three years of business decline, and now recovery.
What do you enjoy the most?
See also Seth Godin's posting: "Small Business Success"


Daniel Smith said...

Mark did you get my email the other day about Seth's other post?

Construction Marketing Ideas said...

This comment only has meaning if I publish Daniel's original email to me, and my response. Here it is.
"By the way, check out this blog entry by Seth Godin when you get the chance:
My first thought when I read it was... Wow he's just not trying
anymore! It's such a bad sales pitch... Even a soft one... Or spit
seems. But do you think it works? Maybe you reach a point where you
have so much cache (and cash...) that you can just nonchalantly
announce an 800 dollar video set and say hey, drop me a line if you
want one. What are your thoughts?
My answer:

It is I think absolutely effective!

The point is he is talking to ‘his’ market; he can play soft and win big. By deliberately underplaying the thing, he attracts higher interest especially from people who want to e ‘first’. He makes clear this is a no obligation deal, so the risk to respond is low.

Note the way he manages the rights – he doesn’t want this stuff widely distributed and would likely enforce anyone taking it beyond its limited purpose.

All in all, for him, brilliant marketing.

Could we do the same sort of soft thing? Yes, within the frame of reference of our universe where we are acknowledged and respected. This is very much the inbound calling environment, where customers are predisposed to work with us because of our branding, image, and presence.

It also gets into the area that the more you seem to be a ‘salesperson’ the more resistance you get from buyers; the less you appear to be pushing, the more you pull. However, I wouldn’t throw away all the basics of conventional and sales practice just yet. The creative approach is to meld the traditional with the permission-based stuff and then you I think can have a powerhouse of effectiveness."

Sonny Lykos said...

I feel sorry for anyone working at a job they dislike. Conversely, I think anyone who enjoys his job can't help but do it well.

Aha! One of the the key to successful hiring. Assure they would love what they are about to be hired to do.