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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Footbridge Media bats 1000

You can't buy positive publicity like Footbridge Media is receiving on and here. You have to earn it by delivering the goods.

This thread relating to Footbridge Media is interesting on two levels. First, of course, is the amazingly effective power of postiive testimonials through Internet forums. No cost to Footbridge for this publicity, of course, but high value -- from the referral element, good will, validation, and more. Note also the element of exclusivity that helps to create demand from new clients (and validates the relationship with existing customers).

You could never purchase this kind of publicity with advertising -- so how do you get it?

First, and obviously most importantly, you have to earn it by deserving it. Deliver exemplary, "wow" service to your clients, and they will respond positively. Can you encourage your clients to spread the word about you? Yes, but with caution. I'm pretty sure that if Nathan at found there was an organized campaign to plant postings in his forums he would grow livid -- and yank the thread -- because, after all, he earns income from advertising revenue and "free ads" are not what his forum is about. In other words, if your clients are truly expressing joy with your service to the extent they wish to spread the good word, you probably could help them along, but if you try too hard, you will end up in the sandbox.

So, then, what is the second point in this posting? I've always advocated Internet marketing, good websites, and useful and practical resources to support your work -- even though I haven't used Footbridge myself, it looks like they have it right, and you might wish to consider their services. (How's that for some more free positive publicity for them!)

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