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Friday, January 04, 2008

The Google rise

Today, noticing continuing increases in search engine inquires, I checked and discovered that the "Marketing Advice" page of Ottawa Construction News is now the second listing on the first page when you search "Construction Marketing" on Google. The blog itself is at position 5, and a complimentary reference from Imaginit ( about this blog is at position 8 -- creating three first page listings under the keywords. (We have yet to dislodge the U.K. based Construction Marketing Group from first place, however.)

Lessons to learn here for your own marketing initiatives:
  • Blogs help. They really work. The challenge is to create an effective blog which attracts relevant search engine interest. Content helps, of course, as does frequent updating. I've probably helped my case with some effective back links from relevant highly related forums such as (always with the permission of the forum administrator).

  • Patience is vital. This is NOT a quick-fix answer. I think it took us about eight months for the blog to find its way to the first page of the Google keyword rankings; if you wish more rapid results you are going to have to pay for keyword advertising and accept that as your 'presence' on page rankings.

  • This is a long-term process. I certainly can trace some useful business inquiries to the high search engine placement, but I expect the real rewards of this initiative will be months, perhaps years, in the future. This is not a rapid road to wealth.
Still, in measuring progress, we are heading in the right direction.

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