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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Retail Construction Services, Inc. operates, and invites subtrades to prequalify for retail projects.
How do you find business in the retail sector -- you know the local branches of the chain stores setting up in malls in your area?

Of course, the challenge is gaining access -- these stores have their own networks, preferred suppliers and relationships. But virtually inevitably, the contractor working with the retailers needs some local tradespeople/subcontractors as they aren't going to bring their own crews into the local sites. The trouble is, as a poster on reported, you won't get very far by asking the mall, and the retailer itself is probably out of reach in some far away place.

One solution suggested on the forum is to talk with trades on site and find out who is doing work -- but this is late in the game, -- presumably you want to connect before the fit up project actually starts. Another solution is suggested here:

I got into retail jobs as a referral. When I wanted to do more retail jobs I found a web site Retail Construction. This site was great. It tells you the top retail construction companies nationwide. Many of the companies have a link for you to fill out a online app. telling them about your company and your coverage area. I did this and it was totally free. It works, I receive about 3-4 calls a month from out of town contractors wanting me to bid on their project. If I taking on work I tell them yes and I either receive blueprints in the mail ( 2-3 days ) or they will e-mail you prints. If I'm to busy I have told contractors I was not available and call me on the next one. Them have.
The poster does not specify exactly who "Retail Construction" is but there is a site, operated by RCS Retail Construction Services, Inc. which may be worth exploring.

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