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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Getting it right

This posting from TSJHD1 on the JLC Onine site is worth reviewing, carefully, if you are a subtrade or supplier. It gives simple, essential pointers to success, including:
Loyalty, cleanliness, help with job management, and looking out for ways to save the client money.

"I placed myself above my competition by looking out for the builder's needs. I didn't compromise my own, however. And really this stuff paid off. I could charge a little more (not a lot), got paid very promptly even when others had to wait, and I got steady work, not peaks and valleys, which makes running your business a whole lot easier. I could grow, and I didn't have to look for work."
Read the entire posting here, and think carefully. I haven't seen sounder advice for subtrades in recent memory.

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