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Monday, July 14, 2008

About Special Blogs . . .

You'll notice a new sidebar link category -- Special Blogs: Ones I watch closely. This small listing incorporates a new Blogger feature allowing me to post a snippet from the blog's most recent entry.

My decision on which blogs receive this special attention is subjective, but generally, involves these considerations:

  • Is the content so useful that I frequently cite it in my own entries?

  • Is the blog maintained and updated with significant frequency and consistency? (Some blogs I monitor would qualify for this special placement if the blog is updated more often.)

  • Has the blog been around a while? Some relatively new blogs I'm monitoring closely -- but I think you need to earn your space here with an on-going commitment to the process.
So, right now, I've included Ford Harding, Tim Klabunde and Michael Stone's blogs in this short list. If you would like to nominate other blogs for inclusion, let me know -- and I'll continue to post hyperlinks to all AEC/Marketing related blogs in the general list.

Here is the Blogger video tutorial explaining how to use the Blog List function:

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