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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The old websites (gone, for something better)

As we move forward in building new, high-quality websites, we've decided to discontinue the old sites associated with our publications' Internet domains. These sites, originally built in 2005, haven't been maintained or updated properly in recent months and, I believe, now add little value to anyone. In their place, we've provided a referral link to this blog and key contact information so people can find us if they search or click on the old sites.

I'm looking forward to our new site format developed by Web Empowerment Solutions, which, I believe, will provide a solid and effective Internet experience.


Anonymous said...

Are you changeing domains? You should ask your website developer to do a 301 redirect to your new url. You can do multiple sites (domains) that way you don't lose any link authority, or links that you had coming into the old site's. All you really need to do is build a .htaccess file and uploaded to your server. Then even if they type in, they will go to You won't lose any of your former traffic. This is a lot different than just forwarding a domain. It does depending on what kind of server these sites were hosted on. Do a search for .htaccess files on google. Your web people should know what to do. One of those things you just have to know how to ask.

good luck and take care

Construction Marketing Ideas said...

Dustin, thanks for your observation, and I will forward it to the web developers. Frankly, I am not that concerned about managing links/link authority for search engine optimization. This blog is achieving 'optimization' I think virtually entirely because of its content, with credible third-party links and references.
We made the change as an interim measure because the previous websites reflected poorly on the business. It is quite likely that 301 redirects will be used when we complete the rebuild/launch of the website under one primary domain.