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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Where the hell is Matt?

This video has very little to do with construction, but a whole lot to do with marketing.

So who paid for this creative? Stride Gum. I had never heard of Stride Gum before discovering this video through my unofficial frequent flier network (that is another story, for another time.)

Here is the Wikipedia reference to Stride Gum. And here is Matt's own website.

Can we learn something about effective -- I'll go even further -- brilliant marketing here?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. This is captivating and absolutely brilliant.

Construction Marketing Ideas said...

Thanks, Josh, for your comment and your enlightening observation on your own blog:

"Watch Matt's video, and you'll note that Stride Gum didn't mangle the message of the video with corporate-speak. It doesn't feel like a commercial (because it's not) -- it feels like a very sweet, cool, silly video of a guy who is travelling the world. By sponsoring Matt's trip and paying for the video, Stride did a great thing. They created brand affinity by not letting their brand get in the way."

The relevant posting is at: