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Monday, September 15, 2008

The cornerstones of construction marketing success (2)

Today, several readers answered these three questions in a special online survey following up on the recent posting: The cornerstones of construction marketing success:

  1. In you opinion, describe your greatest competency: That is, the element of your business/self where you truly are among the best in your field.
  2. Now, describe your greatest enjoyment/passion: The interests or activities (either personal, business, or both, which give you the greatest pleasure and enjoyment.
  3. Have you combined your competency and passion in reaching out to your potential market (previous, current and potential future clients)?
The responses are interesting -- only a small number answered conclusively "yes" to the third question. Your written observations need to be followed up with some phone conversations and interviews.

Still, is it true that only a few of you are actually combining your passions and interests with sincere and ongoing relationships with your clients and potential clients? Or, perhaps, you may take for granted your competencies and passions because they happen so easily and naturally you don't attach significance to them?

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