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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The We We Calculator

George Zarogiannis, president of Ecopainting Inc. in Toronto, introduced futurenow's "We We Calculator" in this thread. This image above is from Ecopainting's own web site. How does your own website score?

One of the basic principals of marketing is your message must be client rather than self-focused. So the "We We Calculator" is a nifty, if somewhat sobering, tool. The idea is to see how much your website is client rather than self-centric.

Take the test and see how you do.

Here are the customer focus rates among some of the blogs reviewed here.
Ford Harding -- 72.39%
CofeBuz (Tim Klabunde) -- 52.78%
Markup and Profit blog (Michael Stone) -- 64.53%
PSMJ Resources, Inc. blog (Ed Hannan) -- 76.11%
Yours truly (the banned word goes here, you know who it is!) -- 38.72%

"You speak about yourself almost as often as you speak about your customers. Might you improve that?," the test results note.

George Zarogiannis at Ecopainting Ltd. in Toronto introduced this calculator and its source, in this thread.
Future now, a proponent of persuasion architecture, has a nice little tool.
It analyzes the "about you" or "about the customer" focus of a webpage.
Type in a url and find out. Ours needs work just found out.

Also, on that topic, Bryan Eisenberg, the authority on that subject has some interesting points:

"It's the Customer, Stupid"
Lessons learned here -- look at Ford Harding, Michael Stone and PSMJ's results -- Impressive, eh. Can (bleep) do better?

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