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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Crete Busters, Track Haulers, and Search Engine Optimization

This image is one of several embedded videos on the Crete Busters site -- you'll see here how effective use of video really enhances the marketing power of your websites.

Kerry Patrick, marketing director of Crete Busters Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio, called today to ask about effective methods to enhance his business presence on the search engines. He says the company, in building its local business, discovered a unique and truly useful tracked hauler -- ideal for small, heavy loads, in places where larger equipment wouldn't work practically, and where the traditional small-haul load tool -- the wheelbarrow -- could break backs and strain even the most diligent construction workers.

He asked whether certain commercial services would be effective in raising his site's Google presence; and whether embedding blogs and forums could be useful. Regarding blogs, you can read the previous posting for some insights. Forums are challenging -- first, it is truly hard to gather enough 'traction' with core and interested users, and then there are really big challenge (if you are successful) in moderating the forum (not something that really makes sense for a concrete cutting business.)

However, Kerry really has it right with the use of video to demonstrate the equipment. The images show clearly this equipment's potential -- and video postings are free.

If Kerry can write a blog -- or contract with a local writer to handle the writing -- the site could rise in the search engines. Another idea: Create a separate site for the hauling machinery -- hosted perhaps on a different server -- with lots of videos and useful content/testimonials (and maybe another blog).

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