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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dreams, goals, manifestations . . . and luck

As the sun rises this morning, I think about the big picture, and the many small details that make up life's choices. The little things, in themselves forgettable, that are more than minor passing details.

Of course many of the things shaping our choices are happening right now -- my thoughts are with several matters that, while trivial in their substance -- could ultimately mean something more. (They also cannot be reported openly in this blog, meaning this entry is more cryptic than I would like.)

These points of contact -- when seemingly unrelated matters develop an association and then connect the dots in surprising ways -- may be just coincidence, but I've learned that coincidence is sometimes more than it seems.

In a pragmatic sense, marketing success comes when you are able to connect the dots sufficiently from perhaps seemingly inconsequential resources, discern the 'coincidences' and act on them effectively. In the classic case, within the AEC sector, you discover a contemplated project long before the leads services know about it, and it just happens that you know through your relationships which buttons to push, and how to manage them. Most interesting, I think, are those opportunities that seemingly come out of the blue but, when you look more closely, tie back to one of your previous actions or decisions. Yes, it became an easy 'sale' that you cannot simply replicate (or maybe the seeds of a system that works time and time again). But your success is usually rooted in some seemingly unrelated, previous decision.

Today, I have a lot of seemingly unrelated and mostly minor challenges and issues to resolve. At one level, this is going to be a stressful process, hardly worthy of the juggle of time and effort to make things work right (and things could still go bad.) But my sixth sense is that it is all going to work out well -- and the apparently unrelated issues will resolve in a creative and heart-affirming solution.

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