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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

So, to be a successful blogger you need:

A personality
You cannot really write an 'institutional' blog, the character and individual of the writer is vital for its success. That is why in part many bloggers of larger organizations are CEOs -- or the organization values and encourages individuals expression.

A passion (for writing and/or the cause)
You need to like writing -- this is primarily a written media, yet -- and it helps that you care about what you write. (Video blogs will soon be more frequent; in which case you will probably need a passion for speech making, acting, or docudrama writing!)

An interactive audience
Blogs succeed primarily when the blog readers/viewers interact with the blogger. The two-way dialogue gives the blog its validity and effectiveness.

I think most blogs that don't survive fail especially for the first two reasons. The third issue; reader response, validates the blog. Notably, however, response is not just measured in comments -- it can be the personal communication off-line between the blogger and readers, and indicators through web statistics of a large and growing number of repeat visitors.

(Your comments, therefore are welcome. You can be anonymous. I can edit comments -- generally the ones that don't make it to the comment file are obviously blog spam.)

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