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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

"Bare Knuckle Leads" -- Give me a break!

This brief article by Phil Rea in Remodelling Online caused me to react with solid 'ugh'. Pounding on doors, with "Bare Knuckles" is the "quickest, least expensive" way a salesperson can find new business? Sure, and I'll go right over to that used car dealership and introduce myself (and trust) the guy in the plaid jacket with the artificial grin.

I'm sure a fair bit of selling is done this way, but I really don't think cold-calling door knocking really works for anything reputable, and in any case, I would really be scared to be around someone who has no real fear in doing this sort of thing.

Most disturbing, to me, is the motivation here -- not the real client service, not meaningful satisfaction or value, just a hefty commission cheque and $1,000 grill.

Nope, this isn't my way and while I have respect for salespeople who are not afraid to go out and ask for the business, somehow I hope that the satisfaction of delivering real value transcends the short-term commission incentives these guys were after. Rea's approach is a 'no sale' for me.

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