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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The team at Sylvain Contracting in Salem, NH

Sharing the numbers
In an intriguing thread on some business owners are sharing rather central business numbers -- specifically:

How much is your average sale amount?

How many jobs do you do per year?

What is your average gross profit percentage?

Marc Sylvain at Sylvain Contracting in Salem, NH provided the answer to his own questions:




He then explained why he doesn't mind sharing with the world (and competitors) what might seem to be vital, confidential business data.

"I like to network a lot. The folks I really like to network with are those that are doing better than me. Lets face it. I f you want to be a millionaire you don't hang out with bums. You hang out with MULTI millionaires. I do a lot of financial mastermind groups and we are always sharing our info. How else would someone know how to help me if they didn't know my situation? How could I possibly help anyone unless I knew theirs? Sorry.........Didn't think this was a secret that I needed to keep to myself."

To me, this is sound thinking, and good marketing. Others are also sharing their data on the thread. I think it is worth reading.

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