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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Admit it!

Craig Galati is a principal of Lucchesi Galati, a LasVegas consulting firm practicing in the areas of architecture, sociology and sustainability.

Yesterday's mail included more books (by now you probably can tell I read a lot), including Architect Craig Galati's little gem: Admit It!: 21 Things You Already Know But Apparently Have Forgotten Regarding Client Service.

His self-published booklet-- at 43 pages it is too small to be regarded as a commercial book -- is a useful resource and reminder of the basics that we easily forget: Return your calls, keep your promises, accept responsibility, and be flexible, among others.

Here are the 21 'things' reflecting the book's chapters:

  1. Treat clients the way they want to be treated
  2. Make repeat business and referrals your goal
  3. If the client looks good, you look good
  4. Get to know who the 'real' client is
  5. Make it easy for your clients to describe you as excellent
  6. Never say 'no'
  7. Go out of your way, all the time
  8. Never forget that all of your actions contribute to the customer experience
  9. Don't return calls during lunchtime
  10. Make your clients feel at home
  11. Give more than clients expect
  12. Customer service is not an act or time of day; it's a lifestyle
  13. Return the routine phone calls promptly; return the difficult ones sooner
  14. Keep your promises
  15. Thoroughly understand what value means to your clients
  16. Tackle the tough issues face-to-face
  17. Tell the truth always; own up to your own mistakes
  18. Don't blame someone else
  19. It's not aboout who's right or wrong; its about resolving the issue at hand
  20. Be flexible. Each client's needs and projects are different
  21. Don't lose touch after the job is done.

These, indeed, are common-sense basics of client service, brand harmony, and solid business relationships.

Craig's The Heart of Business blog is worthy of bookmarking.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looks like I'll be ordering another book.

Thanks, Mark.