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Sunday, January 13, 2008

The online sales test

This image is from the website of Yeah, this posting is an absolute, free, endorsement of their service.

Some years ago, I posted a question on the now-defunct Google Answers service, inviting researchers to help me find an inexpensive test to evaluate potential sales candidates. Other services were charging $100 or more per test -- and the tests were cumbersome things. Clearly, if the test is too expensive, we won't be able to afford to administer it widely, and thus would have to screen out candiates who might otherwise qualify.

I ended up using This Toronto-based service has delivered the goods. The electronic test is so simple it almost appears dumb (and hardly worth the actual cost per test of about $35.00; purchased in blocks). But the report and rating system the test uses is crystal clear -- and the results are instant. We send the test results to all candidates who complete it. It is the perfect 'brush off' to people we don't want to hire (its the test, not us!), and is a great motivator for those we want. And, while the test has not been 100 per cent foolproof, we've found virtually total success if the score is 8 out of 10 or higher on "prospecting" and "closing" and low on "need for direction.

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Roger Browne said...

Hi Mark,

Glad you had a good experience with Google Answers.

Over 40 of the Google Answers Researchers are now answering questions at - including umiat, who answered your Google Answers question as umiat-ga.