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Monday, February 23, 2009

A promotional video from the site

Glen Kohlenberg of Absolute Aluminum in Venice, Florida has started which is one of the bases for a paid contractor advice/forum service, Kohlenberg has shown the ability to innovate and create worthwhile marketing initiatives, most notably his supplier-supported magazine. (I am not sure of the business relationship between Kohlenberg and

You will find many interesting and rewarding elements in his blog, though I disagree with his posting advising readers to turn off the mainstream media.

Here goes. First off shut off all main street media in your life! That’s right no TV or radio or newspaper or anyone else that sounds off about the economy or how bad things are or anyone being negative around you.

If this means finding a new place for breakfast, lunch or dinner then find it.I cannot express to you how important this is. As a matter of fact if you decide not to do this then just put the for sale sign or going out of business sign on the door now!

Why do I ask so much of you so soon. Have you heard the term garbage in garbage out?

See the garbage that goes in affects your thoughts, so if you choose to listen to said garbage then your mind and thoughts will affect your outcome.

I've heard this stuff many times before from various self-improvement gurus and certainly believe that your own thoughts and perceptions define your place in life, and how you progress.

The challenge, frankly, is not to shut out the mainstream media and the world around you, but to adapt the knowledge and understandings from it to your own circumstances. If you can connect your business and interests to the flow of mainstream perceptions, you can capture market share and adapt your approaches to your environment. Of course the best way to adapt may be to be different and go against the grain of what others are saying. (I realize my biases are shaped here by my own career choices. I enjoy journalism so much that I ended up starting my own publishing business.

Nevertheless, Kohlenberg has an interesting and worthwhile blog, worthy of permalinking. Behind the scenes, I think his magazine is one of the influences behind my decision to proceed with the proposal for Ottawa Renovates magazine, which we successfully distributed yesterday. And his fee-based service will likely be worth the money to contractors once he launches it.

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