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Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Paprika Effect

This blog posting, The Paprika Effect: The Brain-dead Simple Formula to Instant Customer Delight, offers a intriguing insight into creating a culture of client service and value -- think about enhancing the 'side dishes' of your client experience. (The writer cites a restaraunt in Singapore which discovered how putting some paprika on the fries creates enough of a delight to create hour long lineups for service. Next time I'm there, I'll make sure to visit Astons.)

Can you find your own "paprika effect" in client service?


Carl Ellis said...

Here's my little "spice on the side" effect:

ONLY after I get paid for a job, do I hand them a Certificate for FREE Groceries or Fuel at least equal-to and more often than not, more than the cost of doing business with us!

Do you think this creates more business?!

I'll leave you with this:

If you could give away gas and groceries - before, during, or after the Sales Process...

Would that increase the number of sales you'd get?

You KNOW it would!

For No Obligation Info --

Cut/Paste this Code Number for Special Access:


Construction Marketing Ideas said...

Carl, I'll always keep an open mind, but this smells like another one of those Internet hyped up selling things.... I'm sure many of thse systems/programs/services work, but I won't rush to buy, just yet.