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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Getting your construction marketing right

Mel Lester in his blog posting "The Extreme Marketing Makeover" makes these points:

1. Stop selling and serve the client instead.
2. Stop the self-promotion and provide valuable content instead.
3. Build your brand around distinctive customer experiences.
4. Encourage all employees to nurture their network.
5. Manage business development like a project.
6. Involve staff at all levels of the organization.
7. Create a topical resource library.

8. Double your win rate by doing half as many proposals.
9. Make your proposals more client focused and skimmable.
10. Go beyond meeting just technical needs.

"Radical ideas?" Lester writes. "No, mostly common sense. But still rare among A/E firms. So if the recession has you ready for a change, consider these suggestions for transforming the way you develop new business.

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