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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Simple (lumpy) stuff

Leonard Megliola at Bestline Plumbing in Los Angeles, CA sent me some samples of his give-away package used at home shows and the like. This material isn't elegant or fancy, but does the job and shows how a simple marketing package can be developed inexpensively and effectively.
What's good about this package?

  • It's "lumpy" (to borrow a phrase I first heard from Jon Goldman). If you mail this, it sticks out and attracts attention from the other junk mail. If you hand it out at home shows, when you empty your bag of goodies at the end of the show, you will notice it, and you will go to the effort to open it.
  • It's inexpensive. Nothing here costs much to purchase or print, in quantity.
  • It has long retention life. Fridge magnets are perfect for "sticking around". You might not need a plumber today, but when you have a crisis six months from now, and the number is on your fridge, would you call Bestline?
  • It contains reading substance. Direct marketing pieces work best when there is enough content for readers to spend some time with the material -- the longer you read the material, the more you retain and remember (that is why most direct marketing pieces are long on text).
Note Bestline's material and approach I think is best for a middle/lower middle class market or to sell a service where highbrow is not wanted nor needed. (Even rich folk want their plumbers to be 'real' plumbers, not some fancy phony!)

See this posting where Leonard explains his source -- and the effectiveness of -- his fridge magnets.

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