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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Marketing maturity

Some people just "get it " from a young age. They understand the basics of human and personal relationships and responsibility, have a solid (and realistic) self-esteem, naturally focusing their lives with great relationships, enjoyment and achievement.

Others never get it. They blame other people for their problems, are often filled with hate, unstable relationships, and destruction, or simply apathy.

Finally, some learn the answers through sometimes tortuous paths.

I'm in the latter group. Nothing comes easy for me in social and personal relationship (marketing) skills except perhaps for two gifts, my ability to keyboard really rapidly, and some ability to write clearly and quickly.

Nevertheless, with these skills, coupled with some adventurous spirit and luck, I learned a little about the other stuff. I realized I could work around my weaknesses by applying my strengths. I might not be a social leader, but could become a contributing writer (and achieve leadership that way.)

Generally, in marketing in the business-to-business space, you don't have to worry too much about the people who don't "get it "for two reasons. First, rarely will people lacking social maturity be in a position to make major decisions and purchases. And if they are, you probably don't want to do business with their organization (it is likely to be a real basket case.)

(Unfortunately, another group of people -- psychopaths -- sometimes ingrain themselves in organizations and community groups. Sometimes you don't discover you are working with the criminally-minded until it is too late -- as they can be charming and appear to be socially mature, which they are, from a bent perspective.)

In the consumer world, things are a little more complicated. Not everyone is mature, and many struggle through life, but they still buy stuff, and some of them own homes needing repairs and upgrades. I suppose in this group you can be pragmatic, focusing on the task at hand and perhaps playing to their insecurities and fears to make the sale.

Now, what if you don't "get" this posting. This could mean two things: One, you are so naturally mature you don't need to see the issue. The other is more challenging. You may not yet have achieved maturity.

If that is the case, unless you are ready, you won't understand the importance of these words. If you are, you will soon embark on a change in course that will revitalize your life. You'll also become a much more effective construction industry marketer.

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