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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wordpress or Blogger: Which do you prefer?

I've posted a Wordpress blog at For now,the new blog will be a holding spot for an upcoming article in the SMPS Marketer. The question: Should this blog migrate to the new site?

After a few nights work, I have successfully uploaded and implemented a Wordpress blog at the domain.

For now, the new blog is a holding site -- an upcoming article in the SMPS Marketer references the domain for a simple readership survey.

The process of setting up the blog, while simple in that you don't need to be a computer guru to do it, is most definitely harder than Blogger. You need to know some basics of uploading, FTP, and have access to your server's core functions -- skills I'm confident most readers here lack (and don't need for their regular work.)

Things are helped along by pre-developed templates and widgets. I'm sure, that once I learn the style and format of Wordpress, it won't be much harder to maintain than Blogger.

In my reading, I've learned it is hard to move from Blogger to Wordpress -- you can't simply transfer all the files and think everything will be fine. So I'll be faced, I suspect, with a choice if I decide to make the move: To do what I can to transfer 2.5 years of files, or simply leave the old blog intact on Blogger and begin adding new entries exclusively on the Wordpress site.

If you have any thoughts on this topic, please feel free to comment here or on the Wordpress-formatted site.

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