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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Reaching first place with Google

Sometimes we enjoy moments of joy and glory in business.

Yesterday, I appreciated how this blog -- originally started 2.5 years ago as a client service initiative -- has become a significantly valuable marketing resource. The reason: It has keyword leadership on Google for the phrase "Construction Marketing", which means that of about 8,000 search inquires a month using these words, this blog is first.

I can trace calls, inquiries, and some meaningful business to the blog -- and sense that much more is on the way. Clearly, a first place ranking within Google for keywords relevant to your business will be lucrative, especially if you don't have to pay a cent for advertising (or, if you are in the publishing business, you can earn money from advertising revenue.)

How do you do it?

Here is a strategy that may work for you.

  • Figure out what people searching for your service are actually doing. The keyword combinations may be obvious, but they may not be that clear.
  • Build a website with practical information about your business, but most importantly, useful and relevant content about the topic on which you are an expert. Don't worry about giving away secrets. Just be helpful.
  • If you enjoy writing, start and maintain a blog. Write daily if you can, but not less than once a week. If you enjoy video, make a video blog.
  • Offer, without worry of reciprocation, other websites and organizations which have information relevant to your readers a free link on your blog. Don't worry about trading or reciprocation. It will happen naturally.
  • Contribute to relevant forums and groups, again sharing your knowledge and insights.
If you think all of this is a lot of work without any immediate reward, you are correct. Patience is important. This is not an instant gratification program. (You can of course buy your way to the top paid listings by allocating enough money -- and turn that system on within minutes.)

Note: If someone is already in exactly the space you wish to occupy, you will have an uphill battle. Whoever is first, and does a reasonably good job, wins.

Is this effort worthwhile? While I knew there were some immediate benefits in blogging early on, it has taken more than two years for the intuitive to generate revenue, and I think it will be another year to 18 months before it reaches its full potential.

So, yes, this takes time. But not cash.

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