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Monday, July 06, 2009

What we do (and why this is helpful for you)

This article about Herring & Trowbridge Architects in Northern Virginia is an example of the feature which we can produce for your business or practice -- often at no direct cost to you.

Some of your best marketing is indirect. But sometimes you lose nothing by being straightforward. Over the weekend, I realized this blog is perhaps a classic example of indirect marketing -- readers here may need to look hard and long to figure out exactly what we "sell".

In part, this dichotomy has a rational history. Until recently, the blog, which I started about two and a half years ago as a client service initiative, connected thousands of readers around the world with a business which served distinctively local markets. If you were based in Ontario or North Carolina, we could provide a useful service for you; elsewhere, frankly, we had nothing practical to offer.

Things have changed with the launch of the online Design and Construction Report. Now the core service we provide in local markets is available anywhere in the world, but retains relevance to your business even if you only serve a highly local community.

The reason is that you can take advantage of our feature writing and publicity service no matter where you are. And the resulting editorial content including (if you wish) live video and hyperlinks in the electronic edition is a powerful and useful resource for your own website, search engine optimization, and local marketing (while giving you a point of contact for people who may be exploring your market, but who aren't in your community yet.)

How does it work?

You can elect two options for publicity within the Design and Construction Report. The first is to become a Design and Construction Network Sponsor. This is an ideal opportunity for you to connect with the Network, especially if you are in the greater Washington D.C. area or would like to develop a chapter/community group in your own community.

The second option, which may be of greater appeal if your market is less within the design and construction community than with the "outside market" in your area, is for us to publish a feature profile of your business or practice in an upcoming issue. And you can do this in either of two ways.

In the first, you simply contract with us for a base fee of $1,500, and we'll write and produce a three page feature with images and text, and then provide you with the PDF file and electronic version for your own use. (If you wish an in-person rather than phone interview, or require us to take photos for the story, there will be some additional costs, which we will discuss with you before incurring the expenses.)

In the second option, if you permit us to communicate with your suppliers and invite them to purchase supporting advertisements, your feature can be without charge. (We'll of course treat your suppliers fairly; the Construction Marketing Ideas blog originated as a service to our advertisers, and they can receive extensive free marketing consulting services, which will far exceed their advertising investment.)

You can use the feature articles to:
  • Improve your search engine rankings
  • Create a positive brand awareness within your market;
  • Set the tone and encourage other (free) local media publicity (we'll show you how);
  • Recognize key clients and suppliers;
  • Provide something tactile and useful both in your presentation materials and for your client service packages.
If you would like more information, please feel free to email me at Chase at, Leslie Greenwood at, Bob Kruhm at or phone 888-432-3555 ext 224.

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