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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Your best construction marketing ideas

Some days, I scratch my head.  Construction business owners waste a small fortune of money on crappy marketing -- then conclude that marketing is a waste of money.

Well, if you used a crappy contractor, sub-trade or supplier, you would rightfully conclude that the contractor, sub-trade or supplier were a waste of money -- but I doubt you would take down the entire trade or industry.

Of course some industries (and marketing practices) are better than others.  You really should not expect good value when you visit a used car dealership or time share sales office.  In the same light, many of the marketing "solutions" sold by intrusive telemarketers and spam mailings are, well, crappy.

So how do you make the right decision and choices?

Word of mouth

Yep, it is the basic, oldie but goodie.  If you receive positive feedback from friends, colleagues, clients and even peer-group Internet forums, you are probably safe.  The key here is to validate the word-of-mouth and be sure it is genuine and not a creative marketing ploy.  I've seen some consultants show up on forums, appear to build a good name for themselves, and then blow away their good-will when they show their true selves.

Your existing clients

Take them out for lunch or coffee and learn about their interests, their value, and which marketing messages they follow.  This will take some careful listening as people will often put on a different public face than they really are in their head.
Books, seminars and conferences

These can be cheap (you can read my Construction Marketing Ideas book for as little as $20.00 if you request the PDF version from my website) or outrageously expensive.  Use your common sense.  Sometimes the most expensive option is the best but it doesn't need to be.  Take your time and think about where you are going.

(If you are wondering where you can find the money to pay for your marketing, look at where you are wasting it now.  Start with the Yellow Pages.)

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