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Friday, May 11, 2007

Corporate M&Ms?

Mars is marketing corporate M&Ms, which can be imprinted with your custom logo and message. This may be useful for certain trade show/marketing packages, but I hasten to add a big 'beware' in using candies for marketing . . .

These days, some of the most senior decision-makers may be at the stage in life where health concerns are important. I, for example, am pre-diabetic. This is not a life-threatening situation, providing I use caution and watch my eating habits, weight, and exercise levels. (It is always worthwhile to get an annual check-up -- this is one of those conditions that is 'invisible' but if you catch it in time, can save much grief later.) Although candies are less of a 'threat' to me than starches like rice, white bread and most cereals, a candy 'gift' might send the wrong signal. (Here's a gift that will make you sick...., ugh!)

Anyways, I still like the creativity here and it might work for you. Here is the web link.

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