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Monday, May 07, 2007

Marketing tip #1 (again)

Show respect and connect with your current clients just a little better than before.

This story about why Jospeh Dolan of Dolan Construction of Reading, PA, spent $5,000 on Internet video advertising is worth repeating, especially these paragraphs:

“The best marketing we can do is to do a good job with what we have,” he says. “Most jobs lead to other jobs. It is most important we do the best job on every job. We live on repeat business and client referrals.”

Dolan says simple things like returning phone calls or calling a client when a call isn’t really needed to check in on the project, help go a long way to ensure client satisfaction and repeat business.
“One of the things that is really important that a lot of contractors don’t get right are simple things like being responsive, being proactive, and following through,” he says. “We try to be conscious; really try to make a difference in how the client feels about you.”

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