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Friday, May 11, 2007

Work pacing

I'm not exactly sure why, but yesterday I suddenly felt an urge to take it easy -- to slow the pace, to sit on the patio outside the house with the laptop and something to drink, to not force any serious effort, calls, planning, or activities.

In a way this is a strange decision. I clearly have much work to do in a compressed schedule over the next two weeks. Operational work (I am still the interim editor of our Canadian newspapers) and planning work, as we prepare our strategies to grow the business. And we had just come out of a scare where the projected sales volumes for next month were below the red line -- until a flurry of good news calls and responses changed the picture Wednesday late afternoon and early evening.

Maybe I'm resting from the relief that things are turning out okay; and the realization that while it is fine and important to work hard, it is also important to for me to be able to catch my breath on occasion. The weekend is approaching; there isn't much that absolutely needed to be done by me yesterday (or today), so why not slow the pace, rest, and enjoy something of a long weekend? I'll be recharged and ready to go on Monday morning and will make up for the 'time off' with some real 'overtime' next week.

I feel sorry for people whocannot relax; reflect, take time off, and have vacations -- or simply 'quiet days'. Now, I'll get to work on some projects that really need attention and are best done when there isn't too much stress or pressure.

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