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Friday, May 18, 2007

Trade show booth tips

Skyline Displays' most recent newsletter includes some worthy booth staffing tips.

Skyline is a reputable organization -- we've purchased our trade show set-up from them, but I will share with you an alternative approach to finding your booth, if you are willing to take a little risk in exchange for some big savings -- Ebay!

If you wade through the listings, and separate out the brokers, and stuff, you may find some real bargains. Of course factor in shipping costs, the real client reputation, and the practicalities and risks of buying a booth set-up without having service and support before going this way. However, if you are spending our own money -- not your boss's -- or your boss is like me and respects employees who think creatively and regard their company's money as if it were their own -- you may find this is a truly rational approach.

I used Ebay for our table top display. The cost -- for a display that retails for $500 to $1,000 or more -- only $35.00. (It has previously been used by a pharmaceutical company, but all we had to do was throw out a detached plastic piece that gave away its former identity.)

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