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Friday, May 04, 2007

New permalinks

I'm giving the Construction Writers Association (CWA) and Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) permalinks. Though these organizations are not construction marketing blogs, they are of obvious relevance to anyone either currently or contemplating a blog worthy of linking here.

As the CWA conference wrapped up this afternoon, I talked with marketers and writers -- and so far, none of them are familiar with relevant blogs. One marketing person for a large general contractor said: "We've been thinking about this, going back and forth, but are not sure." She believes the only person who could blog effectively would be the company's CEO, and he has a style and message, she said she isn't sure what they would do about comments and reaction.

The blogging concept is clearly not (yet) front and centre in the construction industry and its allied professions. Am I writing in a dark, never-ending wilderness? Or does this quiet environment provide the perfect conditions to get the bugs out of the concept, improve the blog's quality and relevance, and -- when the industry catches on -- be ready to take on a leadership role in the field.

When you are first (or nearly first) at anything, you don't know if you are there because there is no reason for anyone else to be there, or you are just well ahead of the pack. In this environment, it is good to keep things in perspective. I enjoy blogging, it doesn't cost me that much time (am writing this entry in the airport lounge at Washington Dulles before returning home), and I'm learning a lot as the blog develops.

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