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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Alliances and co-operation

Among the most effective resources in our marketing arsenal are key alliances. These can be with commercial organizations or non-profits. The idea is to leverage the relationship for mutual benefit. To me, a great alliance requires no written contract and no cash by either partner; it is founded on good-will and simple, common sense understandings. The power of alliances of course is that they effectively enhance your market reach, and (since they require little if any cash investment) don't drain your budgets.

Or alliances include relationships with Merx/McGraw-Hill in Canada, some trade show organizers, and several non-profit groups. For each, we give freely advertising and editorial space. In exchange, we receive brand recognition, free trade show booth space, business leads and reader-relevant editorial content.

Can you apply the same principals in marketing your own business product/service? I think so, but the models and alliances you will use will of course be truly different from ours. Here, I have a challenge coming up with specific examples, because these alliances are based on common-sense, valid relationships, and personal connections that you build in running your business.

But look around you -- at your suppliers, existing clients, non-profits, community groups and others, and see if there is a match that can lead to shared business opportunities or benefits.

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