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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Motivation, eh

Please read the next posting for the context from where I learned about this image.


Anonymous said...

Alec Baldwin was great in this movie. That said, I don't think cold calling (and I've done plenty of it over my career) is overly effective in today's market. I believe it's expensive and often inefficient.

Making 100 cold calls may produce a lead or two, but what about the other 98 prospects who will no longer speak to you?

John P. Kreiss
President & CEO
MorganSullivan, Inc.

Construction Marketing Ideas said...

John, I agree with you.
Intelligent "cold calling" has its place -- of course this is not just running through a long list of 'business owners' but involves thoughtful, individual research and a real reason to call Pounding through long lists in the hope of finding one or two clients, however, I agree is counter-productive -- it is demoralizing to the salesperson who will often drift into rote calling, and irritates the many who don't want to be bothered but could possibly be future clients.