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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The advantages of sharing

Chase, in his recent blog entry, describes how he connected at the Niagara Construction Association Golf Tournament.

Sometimes the universe lines up and a whole bunch of good intentions or kind gestures get noticed. Events or ideas you sent in motion suddenly collide in the best type of situation where you get to showcase yourself and the company you work for. . . Sometimes the best way to sell yourself or service is by not doing any sales at all. I like my job!
Absolutely -- if there is any lesson I've learned in the past three years, it is that you achieve the highest results by forgoing selfishness and contributing and sharing from the best of your heart. Of course, it helps if you contribute in co-operation and with visibility of your current and potential clients; but the contributions must be sincere and without expectation of reward/recognition.

Increasingly, I'm encouraging our employees to spend at least a quarter of their time contributing to the community; and we allocate marketing/advertising resources for these initiatives.

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