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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

To Denver . . . and its related blog offer some rather interesting insights and resources regarding infill development in the Colorado city. This image relates to an update on the proposed Denver Cable Railway Hotel project.

Today, we'll be flying to Denver and tomorrow I'll be at the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) national convention. This is my first SMPS convention and I'm looking forward to meeting in person many people who I've 'met' online through the blog over the year. I'm especially looking forward to being with fellow SMPS Marketer contributors at the Awards Gala Thursday night.

My time at the convention will be shorter than the full program allows because Vivian and Eric are joining me on this trip and, frankly, I would rather spend more time with them than at convention business sessions! Through the High Country Club (of which Vivian is a member) we've got two nights at a resort about two hours drive from Denver, and Vivian would like to visit the HCC offices in Denver on Friday, so I'll probably pull out of the convention Friday noon. (Sessions continue through to Saturday, and I am missing the Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) Day today.) The 2009 convention in Las Vegas appears to co-incide with Eric's summer camp, so I think I`ll be able to meld family and business time more effectively next year.

Nevertheless, the 1.5 days at the convention will undoubtedly result in useful insights, ideas and blog posts. If you are attending the conference and would like to get together with me, please email or phone my cellular at 613-292-3973.

P.S. Regretfully, I am missing Tim Klabunde's special program today on Building a Company of Rainmakers, but he has graciously provided his presentation notes on his CofeBuz blog. He also says he will be actively posting during the conference, so you may wish to check his site frequently.

P.P.S. Bob Kruhm in Durham, North Carolina has asked me to look up any North Carolina delegates at the conference for a little direct business development communication. I'll help out as much as I can. Bob has also started his own blog at, which is worthy of reading -- and since starting it a few days ago, has attracted a significant following.

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