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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Triiibes doors re-open briefly

Marketing book author and guru Seth Godin has reopened the doors to his Triiibes network until August 5. You can find more information on the ground rules for joining at his blog post here.
Although he denies Triiibes is a marketing ploy to sell his book Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us ( U.S. price is $10.97), at present count, he has sold more than 2,200 copies of this book which isn't due to be launched until October. The ground rules say we are not to discuss what goes on within the, at least until the book is launched in October, and I will honor that request.

I received a real surprise last night when, in checking the Google position for Triiibes, I found this blog, at least temporarily, had been right below the URL on Google's first page for relevant keyword searches. (Just hours later, it has dropped way back. I enjoyed my brief moment in the spotlight, though.)

Right now, there are only a few construction-related businesses at Should you join? If you are into marketing in a deep sense, sure. The requirement to prepay for the book serves as a small but significant barrier to entry, perhaps improving the quality and relevance of the content beyond what you would find elsewhere.

(Last night, when I was on Page 1 of Google, the only other posting with similar elevation was Joe Cure's Monday Morning Blogger. In his posting, Cure raised some good questions about the value of being invited to a group which is, despite denials, essentially a very cool and effective book marketing ploy.)

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