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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How to start all over? Triumph over Tragedy?

This thread about personal tragedy and the struggle to rebuild is both disturbing and rewarding. Here is the original posting:


Not sure I should post this, but here I go....

Over a year 1/2 ago, my 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with a terminal bone marrow disease. Her chance of survival was less than 30% past 3 months without a donor (which she does not have) and yet, to make a long story short, after many transfusions, treatments, etc etc, she is still here with us. This is what matters most.

Financially and professionally, this challenge has devastated us. My wife was forced to quit work, we had another child in hopes that he/she would be a donor match (older son is not, younger one not it either). My business used to do very well, we had a nice house, cars, traveled enough...regular comfortable people with enough money in the bank to see the hard times through....or so we thought....

Needless to say, we lost it all. We have just moved into another home about 2 hours away from where we lived 10 years (which we will probably lose soon), dropped our cars, wasted all money in savings on medical care and expenses while we were in the hospital with our child for 6 months....Perfect credit went to garbage and on top of that...the housing/real estate/construction business collapsed.

Now I commute to work and are forced to stay in the area I work, so I barely see my family (only in the weekends) and of course this is killing me. I dont know what to do, I've never had to advertise, never had problems finding work as I had plenty of referrals, but I am forced to do something now. I've never really had to worry about losing my home to non-payment or having my light turned off and not providing for my family...this is all new to me and yet I'm trying to rise from this situation and move on.

Here's my question to you all....WHAT WOULD YOU DO TO START OVER, in a new area with a limited budget? I have been reading posts on advertising for days now on this site, and am still confused. What gives the best immediate return? At this point, money in advertising spent will be money taken away from bills that need to get I would like to know which risk is best to take. I don't have much, maybe, maybe, maybe I can take $700 and put it to work somehow. Maybe a couple of hundred a month going forward....

Sorry for the long, boring email. I'm new here, my worries are my own, but I thought if you understand my immediate situation, you can advise me in a more direct way.

Thank you so much!
The responses are challenging, inspiring and in many cases, extremely practical. If you really need help from the community, it is usually wise to ask for it. I admire Sevi's courage and determination to forge ahead for the health of his child, and family.

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