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Monday, November 05, 2007

The Contractors Club

Today, I received this email from Josh Buesking, moderator of The Contractors Club forum:

You are more than welcome to reference/permalink our site. I am currently advertising it publicly until we get a decent size user base.
The site started off as a "design site" after a discussion at the JLC Forums. The first couple (of) weeks it was nothing but some of the JLC Forum regulars discussion some current projects. It originally was Sonny's idea and with my experience in forums I went ahead and set something up for us. I told my friends and regulars at JLC that I would do my best to keep things private and not allow Google to index our discussions.
Once I stated that Google wouldn't be able to search the threads and new sign-ups would have to go through a screening process the conversations started to get a lot more business detailed. Also having Sonny and his background offer such a valuable resource for users.
Sonny and myself put this together. I think this does a good job of introducing the website.
The Contractors Club is an online community catering only to construction
professionals. The club was started on 8/16/2007 and focuses on running and managing a construction business. From project advice to sales and marketing there are several discussions and replies from experienced contractors.
The site was started by Josh Buesking and Sonny Lykos with the idea of a private design forum. The first month the site was by invitation only and quickly had 30 or so registered contractors. Due to the private environment the discussions quickly progressed more to the business sides of things. New sign-ups have several things they must do before being granted full access to the members only forums, and discussions are not found in Google search results in order to maintain the privacy of our comments.
Please also note that not only is there an active forum community there is also several other sections of the site such as an area for interesting websites that members find valuable.
Thanks Mark and if you would like I will add a link to your blog on our site.
Josh Buesking

I will of course permalink this worthwhile forum. Its private, moderated environment encourages a high level of competence and thoughtfulness in its posts.

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