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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Contributing to the journal

Today, I took an hour's break from the Construct Canada conference to participate for the first time in the editorial planning process for the SMPS Marketer -- the journal of the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS). I admit to feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the collective intellectual power here, as other team members shared observations, perspectives and insights.

Among issues of concern is the growing sense that we are heading into a recession -- and how we might help readers make it through. Speakers also discussed technology and the differing requirements of larger and smaller AEC practices. Editor Randy Pollock suggested the team also look into the growing application of Public Private Partnerships.

Even though interest in environmental issues is skyrocketing, the consensus seemed to be that the Marketer no longer needed to devote a special issue to the environmental theme.

Pollock and others define the Marketer as a journal, not a newsletter. The objective is to set high standards --Pollock says he receives many unsolicited proposals, but vets them to ensure they serve the industry and are not thinly disguised as sales ploys for the writers.

I felt somewhat humbled as I listened to, and sought to participate in the discussion; kind of like someone of ordinary intelligence in a room full of geniuses. On the other hand, by being with this group, some of others' intelligence will hopefully rub off on me.

My next project is to complete a story on Social Networking for the Marketer -- with a deadline of Dec. 15.

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