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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Flipping Telemarketers"?

Amy S.Quinn sent me this email yesterday:

Hi Mark,

We just posted an article "Flip the Script: 34 Scripts and Ideas for Getting Back at Telemarketers " (
I thought I'd bring it to your attention just in case you think your readers would find it interesting. Either way, thanks for your time!"

Clearly, this article's writer spent some time gathering quite a collection of options designed to make a telemarketer's day less than inspiring And the reality is uninspired telemarketing is just that -- it is intrusive, offensive and irritating (and this leads to a spiral of negativity).

The challenge, for telemarketers, is not to "be" a telemarketer -- but to connect on a human level; the best can do this -- if they are working from a script, you don't know it!

(Meanwhile, I have another problem. Why is it that driving for seven hours to a three day trade-show where I won't have much time to sit at a phone and return calls, I receive six messages. I'll somehow find the time later today....) We're at Booth 117, and yes, you can phone me at 613-292-3973.

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